Climb Dance ft. Ari Vatanen

If you have not yet seen Climb Dance before, you’re in for a treat. Director Jean Louis Mourey was hired by Peugeot in 1988 to create this award-winning short film. Mourey recorded the record-time run of Finnish rally legend Ari Vatanen at the infamous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado.

This hill climb is the second oldest motorsports race in America, first held in 1916. It runs a 20-kilometer course through the Rocky Mountains, with 156 turns that climb a total of 1440 meters to the summit – Pikes Peak. It’s one of the highest, most challenging races in the world. The thin air makes it hard to breathe, and the engines lose 30% of their power due to the lack of oxygen as the vehicles near the summit. Add the inconsistent paving and lack of guardrails, and any mistake you make on your way there could send the car flying off the side of a cliff.

So seeing Vatanen pilot his monstrous 600 horsepower, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering Peugeot 405 Turbo up this mountain is exhilarating – especially when you consider this was shot in a time long before GoPros and other cheap, disposable action cameras.


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